Top Tips For Healthy Holiday Petss

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The winter holidays are almost upon us. From Halloween all the way through New Year’s celebrations there are parties and festivities everywhere. It’s a joyous time for most, and as pet owners, we want to remember that our furry loved ones need some special consideration during the festive season. Pet health is an important issue if everyone wants to have a good time during the holidays. Kittens and puppies are especially inquisitive and prone to injury, but older dogs and cats are equally at risk and a few considerations for animal care will go a long way toward making sure everyone, including our fur babies, have a good time. Quality health care for animals is paramount and pet health insurance plans bring peace of mind.

A few tips to keep your dog healthy during the holidays:

  • Dogs love movement and are fascinated by the sparkle and allure of the Christmas tree. Place it in a corner and make it inaccessible to them by using a barrier around it such as a pet corral. At the very least you can hang ornaments on low branches that rattle or make noise when they are moved so you are aware of your dog’s whereabouts if he tries to climb on or otherwise disrupt the tree.
  • Speaking of the tree, tinsel is a danger to your pet’s digestive system if it is ingested, and glass shards from broken ornaments can cut or injure your pet’s paws, mouth, and intestinal tract if consumed. Replace glass ornament with others that are less fragile.
  • Strings of electric lights should be kept out of reach. They can cause electrical shock if chewed on and pose a risk of entanglement.
  • Gift wrap, ribbon, tape, string and all the items used in gift wrapping can cause intestinal issues of they are eaten by your pet. Do not let them play with the wrappings in case of accidental ingestion.
  • Holiday plants such as mistletoe, holly and poinsettia are toxic to animals. Keep these out of reach and be diligent to pick up any berries or leaves that may fall.
  • Keep burning candles out of reach of rambunctious dogs.

Pet health is often something that is overlooked in the joyous bustle of the holiday season, but a little diligence on your part, including investigating pet insurance plans, will go a long way toward ensuring a happy and festive season for all the family, including the furry members!