Four Common Dog Problems and Tips to Successfully Fix Them

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Your pet is part of your family, however you can’t very well discipline them the same as your children. Teaching and training dogs involves different strategies, patience and sometimes help. Follow these tips to help make your dog a more enjoyable part of the family and remove some stressful behaviors.

Make Your Dog Come When You Call Them

Many pets do not come when called, although almost 55% of survey respondents say this is the most important command for a dog. This command is not practiced with dogs often. Hide and seek games help re-establish the relationship between the family and the dog. It helps reinforce the fact that your dog should keep up with you rather than visa Versa. Another simple trick is to practice this command at feeding time. When you pour your pet’s food, use the “come” command. Training takes patience and a lot of trial and error, so don’t expect miracle results overnight. First teach the command to your dog, then teach obedience. If you dog has issues following this command after training, then professional dog trainers can help your pet learn dog obedience.

Teach Your Dog to Walk on a Leash

Another very common problem among dogs is learning to walk on a leash. All dog owners should ensure their dog gets at least one walk per day, but leash aggression makes this hard and lead to chiropractic issues, especially when they continuously run to the end of their leash. When this happens, dog training and owner training are in order. Dogs will respond to your body language more than you think. If you get nervous around a stray animal, your dog will do the same. If you walk your dog with tension, your dog will sense that tension and automatically think they need to protect you. Professional dog trainers instruct owners to walk with a purpose, confidence and stress-free. Ignore distractions as you remove yourself and your dog as soon as possible. Show the dog that you are the one walking them and that you will not let anything happen to them despite the fact that they are out of their comfort zone.

Teach Your Dog to be Okay When You Are Gone

Separation anxiety is a major issue for some dog owners. This can lead to your dog performing unwanted actions throughout the day that become bothersome and stressful. Many professional dog trainers deal with separation anxiety in pets. Destructive behavior is common is dogs which exhibit this anxiety especially smaller breeds. To curb this destructive behavior, start out small. Leave for five-minute increments, then return with a small treat and praise your pet for acting well. Slowly increase the duration of separation until your pet realizes that they will survive being left alone.

Teach Your Dog Not to Bark Constantly

Determining why your dog is barking can be the first step in remedying the problem. Dogs bark as a warning sign, a self-soothing tactic, when playing or excited, when bored, when wanting attention or when other dogs bark. The sooner you begin remedying the situation the better. Give your dog things to do besides bark, such as exercise to curb boredom. Try to redirect your dog to a toy or a treat to discourage other dogs barking or distractions. Use basic commands to get your dog to focus on their things besides barking. When all other issues have failed, do not hesitate to get help from professional dog trainers. An unruly barking dog is a quick way to turn neighbors into enemies and get a visit from the police department.

Some breeds of dogs exhibit some signs whereas other breeds don’t. Professional dog trainers can offer specific advice geared toward your exact breed. Over 46 million households own dogs, so don?t think that your problem is too minute or small for them to worry about. They have seen it all, have experience in many issues, and are willing to help any way they can.