DIY Pet Grooming for the Animal-Lover on a Budget

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About 46,300,000 household in this country have dogs. Another 38,900,000 own cats. That’s a lot of fur babies in this world to take care of, and they all need their share of pet grooming.

Yes, you can take your animal in for a professional grooming session at a pet hospital or veterinary practice, but why spend the money when you could do it yourself at home? Here are some of the top tools and tricks for pet grooming when your love for animals comes strapped with a budget.

  • Brushing
    This is the most basic grooming demand, and it also counts as therapeutic services for pets. Brush out your dog before giving them a bath to get rid of any mangy fur. Not all cats love the feel of bristle, but they (and your couch) will be thankful for reducing the hairballs that otherwise come as part of living with felines.
  • Bathing
    You don’t need to bathe your pets too often — once every other week will usually do. Get a special dog shampoo for their lovely coat, then start from the top and work your way down. Just be careful around the eyes, and pay extra attention to that under-the-collar area. Cats? Best to let them do it themselves, except for when things get extra hairy.
  • Trimming
    Hair and nails require a little bit of maintenance, just like with humans. You don’t have to worry too much about keeping everything even, since it’s likely to return to its natural fluff-ball state soon enough. But having another person to hold down the animal for pet grooming can help you avoid any slips of the scissors or clippers.
  • Dental Care
    Don’t forget about teeth! Dogs and cats can get cavities and gingivitis, too. While there are treats designed to help combat these issues, a good brushing now and then will help keep their smiles bright and healthy.

A trip to the professionals every once in a while is probably good for morale, but you don’t need to break the bank on keeping Fido or Mr. Meow looking fresh and clean, week in and week out. What are your favorite DIY pet grooming hacks?

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