Pet Health Insurance Why Buy It?

Pet insurance

It may seem cliche to say that your dog is more than a pet — it’s a member of the family. But in this case, the cliche rings true. Dogs are highly intelligent, emotional animals that form long-term bonds with their owners. And the bond is mutual. There is a reason why many people refer to their dogs as their “fur children”. Dogs are impossible not to bond with and be close to. When we’re close to someone, we want to take the best possible care of them. Dogs will never be able to fully care for themselves, so all of their care — and all of the costs that go with it — falls on their owners. With 37 to 47% of all Americans owning a dog, it should come as no surprise that Americans spend $13.59 million on vet care each year. Vet care is expensive to pay for outright; and each year you’ll have to take your dog in to the vet for wellness check-ups, as well as various other visits for any ailments they suffer from. This is why you may want to check out information on pet insurance. Insurance for pets can cut down on the cost of vet bills, as well as the general strain owning a pet can put on your wallet. And if it both helps you financially and helps your pet physically, what’s not to like?

Information On Pet Insurance: The Basics

Before going ahead with any plan, you may want some basic information on pet insurance. Pet health insurance plans differ from human health insurance in several ways. Healthcare for pets is obviously not quite as involved as healthcare for humans — but it can get almost as expensive. The thing about pet health insurance is that it involves reimbursing the owners; and it doesn’t involve a vast network of providers. Veterinary offices usually don’t have to accept pet health insurance. It’s more about claims being processed, with pet insurance plans covering a percentage of what you’re charged. Thus, both the owner and the vet benefits, as vet fees are mandated by insurance companies. You can usually expect claims to be processed quickly, which makes life a lot easier for you as a pet owner. The most important thing about pet health insurance, however, is that it makes it simpler for people to take their pets to the vet without worry. As such, your dog remains happy and healthy.

Why You’ll Need Pet Health Insurance

About 46.3 million American households have dogs. When you first got the dog that lives in your household, perhaps you didn’t see the need for pet health insurance. This is understandable; even if your dog is suffering from an injury or illness, sometimes it isn’t immediately noticeable. However, it’s unlikely that your pet will never need to go to the vet in its lifetime. In fact, many states require certain vaccines to be administered to your pet on a regular basis. And those vaccines often come hand in hand with wellness check-ups and physical exams. Those cost money too. The information on pet insurance above proves the financial advantage of pet health insurance. But when will you really need it? Most puppies require a number of wellness visits in their first year of life. This may involve spaying or neutering, which is the best option for the health of most pets. However, just like humans, pets tend to experience a cycle in health. Just like they’ll need a lot care at the beginning of life, they’ll need a lot of care at the end of it too. Caring for senior dogs requires a number of frequent visits. But whether they’re young or old, you want your pet feeling their best. As such, you’ll probably find a great need for pet insurance in your dog’s golden years.

Just like human health insurance, pet health insurance is all about simplifying life and cutting cost. It’s not just best for your pet, but for you too.