Is There a Best Blanket for Horses

Horses are large, majestic animals. Because of their size and stature, many people do not think horses need protection in cold weather. However, that is not true, and all horse blankets are not limited to cold or even rainy weather. In the horse community, this has lead to many debates as to whats the best blanket for horses.

If you are new to horse ownership, you may even be among those wondering if horses need blankets. Overall, the answer is yes, however in different situations different blankets are needed.

A horse stable blanket is designed to keep horses comfortable while in the stable. A horse cover or horse wrap is waterproof and designed to wrap around the horse’s body and dry warm when they are exposed to the cold weather. Most horse blankets are made from wool, some are made from synthetic fleece, fewer are constructed of woven cotton.

Horses can survive in cold weather, and will, in fact, continue to grow a winter coat until the winter solstice (December 22nd). Once the solstice has passed and if a horse is going to be in temperatures 10 degrees below zero they may need some help keeping warm. There are horse fleece blankets for this occasion. Even during the colder months, if your horse is in the stables a fleece blanket may not be necessary.

However, there are also horse sheets available that can be worn during warmer months. In rain or muddy weather the sheet keep the horse dry and cleaner. The horse sheet can also be worn as a horse blanket liner to further insulate the horse from the cold.

Overall, the best blanket for horses are the ones that appropriate for the weather, do not constrict the horse’s movement and takes into account how active your horse will be. If you are considering blanketing your horse you may also want to think about a horse neck cover. If your horse is going to be out in snow or rainstorms, a horse neck cover will help to keep the elements from falling down between their blanket and body.