4 Reasons to Consider Getting a Professional Dog Grooming Service

An average dog has the intelligence of a two-year-old toddler. And if you have dealt with a two-year-old, you understand how feisty they can get. Grooming a dog, especially one that does not enjoy the favor, can be an aggravating task.

Grooming involves brushing, bathing, trimming, and clipping a dog. It is vital in the maintenance of its health and appearance. A well-groomed dog will look good and smell fresh. And you will have fewer visits to the veterinary.

The task takes time, but you can get a dog grooming service near you. Hiring a grooming company will save you time and energy.

Here are a few more benefits.

1. They Have the Best Tools

Sharing clippers and scissors with your dog is a health hazard. You may have separate tools, but the chances are high that someone in your household could mix things up. And re-using the devices after the dog has had an infection will only result in a re-infection.

Professional dog groomers are well-equipped. From a variety of clippers to suit the needs of different breeds to a comfortable grooming table, you can be sure your dog will have a pleasant experience. And if you want a particular cut from your dog grooming service provider, you will get it.

2. It is Convenient

If you are busy with work, a dog grooming company will work with your schedule. It gets better if your local pet daycare is offering the dog grooming service. You can drop the dog in the morning and pick it with all the work done.

Your dog can also get a massage from the groomer. A well-trained groomer is familiar with all the muscle groups of your dog. They can help it relax and reduce stress. With a calm dog, playtime will be more fun, and you will experience fewer behavioral problems.

3. Early Detection of Health issues

A professional pet groomer will also be in a better position to detect abnormalities. They are knowledgeable and will notice skin discoloration, ear infections, rashes, gum problems, and lumps early enough. Early detection of health issues means that you will spend less on veterinary expenses.

They can also detect parasites that are too small for an untrained eye to notice. Dog groomers will see if your dog has ear mites, ticks, fleas, and any other pests crawling on their fur.

4. Removal of Dead Skin Cells

A professionally done grooming entails thorough bathing, combing, and brushing your pet’s hair. It removes dead skin from the dog’s coat, which enhances circulation and improves the health of your pet.

Proper brushing will also eliminate tangles from your dog’s hair. Tangled hair is not just uncomfortable for your dog, but it prevents the fur from producing its natural oils. The appearance of your pet says a lot about you; let it make a positive statement. Get a professional pet groomer.

How to Choose the Best Pet Groomer

You will need a competent dog grooming Walnut Creek CA Company. You don’t want your dog to end up with cuts or clipper abrasions. Ask for recommendations from friends and family.

Once you have a few choices, interview each to get the best dog grooming service. Ask how long they have been in business? The longer, the better.

Do they have adequate experience handling your dog’s breed? Are they members of any professional grooming organization? Do they have the proper certification?

Visit the facility and watch them work. How do they handle anxious dogs? Look at their equipment and the maintenance of the facility. Is it clean?

Besides the dog grooming service, what other services do they offer? A facility that offers dog daycare in addition to grooming would be an ideal choice.

In conclusion, a dog grooming service is not a waste of money. Your dog will look good, and you get to save time. It will be easier to detect problems such as infections and infestations.

Ensure that you choose the best of the available professional dog groomers. They should have the right tools for your breed, practice professionalism, and have enough experience in the industry. Follow these tips, and you are sure to love your dog’s new look.