Suffering from Depression? Why You Should Get Emotion Support Animals

Depression is a serious problem that can lead to serious health effects. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder affects 7.7 million U.S. adults, or 3.5% of the population. One way you can deal with this dreaded health issue is by getting animals to give you emotional support. Emotional support animals (ESA) reduce anxiety, stress, tension, and enhance mood. However, the problem is deciding the best esas for depression.

When choosing emotional support animals for treating depression, you need to do a self-analysis to be clearly aware of your likes and dislikes. For example, you should ask yourself whether you like a lot of attention. Are you outspoken and social? If you are incredibly social you will need a dog that fancies socializing. An ESA cat may be a good choice if you are reserved and prefer quiet environment.

Getting a pet that does not match your personalities will only exacerbate your problems. This includes pets that make you allergic. Pet for emotional support should help you alleviate stress and depression. Otherwise their problems may outweigh the benefits.

Dogs and cats are the most common animals for emotional support. They are not only useful in a home but also schools, colleges, nursing homes, hospitals, airports among other environments. ESA animals provide both short term and long term benefits. If you have mood disorders, the animals will boost your functioning and mood in the long run. They also alleviate unwanted feelings in the short term.

How emotional Support Animals Help with Depression

Best ESSA for depression impacts your wellbeing psychologically, emotionally, and physiologically. If you have clinical depression or low mood, the pets will offer you not only companionship but also reassurance.Pets are also known to lower blood pressure, especially in stressful situations.

Emotional support animals reduce anxiety, which is common in depression by improving physical markers of depression. They also help people to establish connections and interactions, hence aid emotional functioning. These pets also prevent social situations that are not suitable for people with depression. The daily interaction helps depressed people to grow their social networks and prevent low mood.

Improve Self Worth

By caring for best esas for depression, the sense of self-efficacy is enhanced. They enhance the feeling that they can control different outcomes. This goes a long way in improving depression. The pet will depend on you for providence including meals. Taking care of the pet can significantly enhance your life. Providing water, food, and care will make you feel important and improve your sense of worth.


Exercising your pet helps to release of serotonin and dopamine. Dog walks also allows you to exercise. Exercising and getting some fresh air reduces stress significantly. Taking your dog for exercise is great way to meet new people, socialize with other pet owners and reduce stress.

Unconditional Love

Dogs and other pets will shower you with unconditional love. Routine care for your pets will add purpose and structure to your day. A routine is very helpful; for people with depression.

Best pets for depression

Some of the most common dog breeds for emotional support are golden retriever, Labrador, and German Shepherds. However, the choice of breed will depend to great extent by individual preferences and personality.

The traits and characteristics of your canine friend should guide you when choosing suitable dog for reducing depression. Some dog breeds such as retrievers can help you be more outgoing and active. However, some people may find them frustrating and tiring.

Once you have identified certified emotional support animals, you should speak to the breeder and mental health professional. They will help you to make a better choice that suits both your physical and emotional needs.

Unlike service dogs, emotional support dog does not necessarily require training to undertake specific tasks. It essentially provides emotional support and comfort. These animals do not only help with depression but also other mental health conditions such as addiction.

Best esas for depression crave for affection. These make them ideal companions for people dealing with depression. Rabbits and fish are also among the best esas for depression. Rabbits are suitable for people who are allergic. Thanks to their calmness, they provide incredible therapeutic benefits.If you don’t have enough time to take care of dogs, a fish will prove to be very beneficial.