Four Ways To Care For Your Dog In a Small Living Space

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Apartment living can be a challenge for any tenant, especially when your roomie has four legs and a tail. Minimize your space to a studio apartment and you might just be wondering how you can properly care for your furry friend. Here are some ways to keep your dog happy and active in a tiny living space:

Utilize your local dog park

Living in a small space doesn?t give your dog a lot of room to move around. Taking your dog for a walk twice a day may help keep destructive behavior at bay, but it doesn?t replace a good dog park. Luckily, most major cities have at least one dog park according to the Trust for Public Lands. Find a dog park nearest to you in order to ensure your dog gets the exercise she needs.

Get help for your dog

If you?re unable to get your dog to the park, consider finding someone who can. Either ask a friend, family member, or neighbor to take your dog to the park or consider hiring a helping hand. Dog walkers and caretakers are used far more often than you?d think, especially by those who live in a large city and don?t often have time to stop home.

Plan your park visits

Establishing a routine is good for your dog, especially when it comes to exercise. When taking your dog to the park, consider planning out the visit with puppy playground equipment, dog park equipment, and dog park accessories. Puppy playground equipment doesn?t have to be large or complex. Accessories as simple as tires or a kiddie pool can easily be used as puppy playground equipment and can be taken in and out of cars or storage for easy accessibility and will be sure to challenge your dog to more than a game of fetch.

Consider making a pet space

Your dog needs a room of their own too. Maybe not their own bedroom, but a corner with their bed and toys creates a personalized space just for them. The use of a dog crate can be an excellent way of establishing your dog?s personal area, notably when the crate is used less for punishment and more as generalized housing for your dog.

However, because most studio apartments don?t have a lot of room for a crate, consider furniture dog crates or decorative dog crates. Furniture dog crates can easily be used as both a crate and an end table or desk, allowing your dog that personal space without using up optimal floor space.

When you move into a studio apartment with your dog, remember that although the apartment is paid by you that you?re sharing the space and your dog is your responsibility. Make sure your dog receives the right amount of exercise, has the right space to exercise in, and that they have their own space in the apartment to avoid destructive behavior.