3 Toy Cheats For Your Destructive Pup

Organic bully sticks

How many dogs are currently living in American homes? The answer: 77.8 million. These playful little beasts have long been known as mans best friends and one the simplest tokens of friendship is gift giving.
It should come as no surprise that dog toys have become such a large industry.
But what do you do if your dog-friend is less than gentle with the gifts that you give? The price of dog chew toys and frisbees might not compare to the cost of veterinary trips, but if your rambunctious rascal of a puppy tears through enough of them, it can all add up.
Here are a few options that can help mitigate the cost of your destructive doggo.

Antler Dog Chews

While technically a treat, antler chews can offer your puppy hours of entertainment, while also imparting a number of important vitamins to your pup.
Letting your doggy gnaw on an animals antlers may seem inhuman, but in fact these organic dog treats grow and shed every year, so they can be ethically sourced without harming the animals they come from.

And, as an added bonus, they can help you clean up the teeth.

Make Your Own

One of the best tricks for dog toys is to take old socks, and tie them into a chain. This chain can be used for some tugging-of-war or can be thrown in the yard for fetch.
The best part is that, while holes will definitely appear throughout their use, it won?t affect the longevity of the toy. Think back on all they holey socks you?ve worn over the years.
And if one sock does break, it is easy to swap out the damaged garment for a new used-sock, perhaps one whose partner has mysteriously gone missing.

Check for a lifetime guarantee

Another great trick is to keep an eye out for toys with a lifetime guarantee. This way, if (and when) your puppy manages to break it, you aren?t out the cost of the toy.

Dogs bring joy to the lives of millions of Americans every year. In fact, nearly half of all houses have a dog in the United States, but these lovable terrors can do some real damage to their toys. Hopefully now you?ll be able to find a few new options to keep your beast at bay, whether thats organic dog treats or a chain of socks.