How Long Has Your Family Owned Its Pet?

Pet insurance

Pets are important.
To some families and to some individuals, in fact, pets are a part of the family.
For this reason, it should come as no surprise that many people purchase dog or cat insurance plans for their pets. The dog or cat insurance cost, to many pet owners, seems like an investment in a family treasure. A way to help pay medical costs when they are needed. Pet insurance plans for dogs or cats vary from provider to provider, but they all serve the same purpose. To make sure that a family can have some financial assistance available for their animals. Whether you are looking at options for senior dog care or you are looking at new kitty or puppy health insurance, making a decision to look at possible policy options is often a good one.
Dog and Cat Insurance Costs Include a Variety of Policy Types
Consider some of these facts and figures about cats and dogs and the role they play in our society:

  • 46.3 million American households have a dog. This means that 37% to 47% of all households in the U.S. have a dog.
  • With nearly 76.43 million cats, the U.S. has more felines than any other country in the world.
  • Americans spend $20.46 billion on pet food every year.
  • Americans spend $12.56 billion on over-the-counter medicine and pet supplies every year.
  • Americans spend $13.59 billion on veterinary care every year.

As Americans spend both time and money on their pets and the care of those pets, it makes sense that many people turn to options like pet insurance to help them prepare for the cost of this care. Given that the majority of pets are obtained from family members and acquaintances. Although 28% of dogs are purchased from breeders, and 29% of cats and dogs are adopted from shelters and rescues, most pets can be traced to close friends and families. This means that in addition to the pet owner having a vested interest in these pets, friends and family members do as well. You likely spend time monitoring your pet’s food, exercise, and care, so doesn’t it make sense to go one step further and purchase insurance to help you monitor your pet’s health?