Don’t Chew On That A Product That Will Help Your Dog

In the United States, Americans love animals. Especially puppies and dogs. We watch videos of cute puppies to cheer us up, we stare at stranger’s dogs wanting to pet them, and we become proud dog owners. In fact, there are more than 75 million pet dogs in the United States. This is more than in any other country. It’s safe to say Americans must love dogs. However, what happens when your puppy or dog (of any age) starts to chew? He or she chews your shoes, your books, your couch pillows, and more importantly, their own beds. Fear not, dog owners! If your puppy or dog chews, here are is a product that may help.

Why Dogs Become Chewers

Let’s begin with why your dog chews. The reason why can actually help when you’re searching for pet products. It’s a little easier to determine why puppies chew. Puppies may chew dog beds because they are teething. The action of chewing actually helps your puppy’s teeth and gums. Essentially, puppies experience teething similar to babies. With that said, puppies experience pain in their gums. However, chewing relieves this pain. Additionally, your puppy may chew because he or she is young. This simply means that he or she is still attempting to navigate the world around them. They don’t know any better. So, they chew on everything. If your puppy is chewing, you can give him or her ice cubes, special dog toys that can be frozen, or frozen wet washcloths, which might help numb teething pain. However, it’s important to note that you still need to teach and guide your puppy so they do not chew on any inappropriate objects.

Why dogs chew is a little bit more complex than puppies. Dogs can chew for a variety of reasons. If your dog is chewing and destroying dog beds, it could be because your dog is anxious, bored, or he or she needs to go outside for some exercise (exercise helps with any extra energy a dog may have). Your dog may also chew because he or she is nesting, nervous, or experiencing separation anxiety from being in a new environment. Sometimes, chewing can simply be stress related. However, you dog may chew because he or she just likes to chew! No surprises there. After you determine why your puppy or dog chews, you can begin looking for a product that will help. This is where crate pads for dogs that chew come in handy. Also, chew proof dog beds help as well!

Crate Pads For Dogs That Chew/Chew Proof Crate Beds

The first product that may help your chewer is a chew proof crate pad, or a chew proof crate bed. It is slightly obvious that dogs that chew need a bed that can withstand their destructive tendencies. They attack, attack, and attack. Pretty soon, their beds are in pieces. A chew proof crate pad, and a chew proof crate bed is essentially indestructible. Although they are indestructible, these crate pads for dogs that chew, and beds for dogs that chew can still be soft. This is ideal because you still want your dog to be comfortable and get the proper sleep. Some crate pads for dogs that chew, as well as the beds come with raised sides. The raised sides ensure that your dog can resist chewing. Additionally, crate pads for dogs that chew fit perfectly in your dog’s crate, so your dog can sit and sleep comfortably.

An orthopedic dog bed can also be ideal for dogs that chew. Memory foam beds are considered orthopedic beds for dogs. Most orthopedic dog beds are very durable and do not flatten for many years. Some of these beds have a moderate chew proof rating as well, which is good for dogs that chew. They are also solid and heavy. If your dog likes to exercise his or her chewing skills, it won’t be possible with this bed!

It is important to note that not all products are chew proof or slightly chew proof. For smart shopping, research crate pads for dogs that chew, and beds that are 100% (or moderately) chew proof.