The Proper Products for Recovering Horse or Dog

Many domesticated animal species have a long history with human society around the world, such as horses and dogs. For many years, these animals served as sources of labor, hunting companions, or even war mounts in exchange for gentle care and feeding. In times past, horses were among the most important animals of all, being used for farm labor, everyday transport, and even war steeds. Today, while no one is riding horses into battle, these animals are beloved for their companionship and racing capabilities, such as in the Kentucky Derby. Dogs, too, are common companions and can be useful as service animals or hunting partners. Sometimes, though, these four-legged companions get hurt, and modern animal medicine offers relief for them. This includes relief for physical trauma. A brace for calves, ankle brace socks, a dog hock brace, or even a therapy pet mat can be bought and used for an afflicted dog or horse. Muscle strain, healing injuries, arthritis, and more can be treated and recovery can be made easier with a therapy pet mat or leg support.

Animals Today

Dogs are among the most common animals in the United States outside of livestock. Most American households have at least one pet in them, and dogs and cats together are the most common pets. Many breeds of dogs can be found today, ranging in size, shape, and fur type, and Labrador retrievers are typically the most popular. Nearly 44% of American households include a dog, and this means that veterinarians today are often ready to help treat them. Dogs may suffer from illness such as kennel cough, or from physical ailments like a sprained hock joint or arthritis or even broken bones.

Horses, too, are a common animal found today. There are many species of them, and some of the largest horses may weigh just over one ton. Today’s horses are prized for their beauty, leisurely riding, and for competitive horse racing. Horse breeding and racing are popular activities, and many enclosed pastures can be found across the nation that contain these animals. But horses sometimes get hurt. What can be done to help them?

Animal Care

A dog who suffered from an injury, arthritis, a hurt hock joint, or muscle strain can get help. Any responsible pet owner will notice any changes in their dog’s behavior, and take their pet to the vet’s office to get looked over. A dog might, for example, catch its paw in a small hole in the ground and harm its hock joint, or an older dog may develop arthritis. Dogs will have distinctive limps when they move, a clear sign of a physical problem. A dog may need help.

For example, a dog may have ankle wraps or braces put on to help prevent any further strain on a sprained leg. This can restore the dog’s mobility without further aggravating its hurt joint or muscles, and the leg can recover naturally. The same might be done if an older dog is suffering from arthritis, or if a dog suffered a broken bone and is currently recovering. This can involve other accommodations, too. A therapy pet mat can be purchased, and a therapy pet mat will be made to cushion the dog’s legs and skeleton as it lays down. This can help ease strain on its muscles or joints, and allow the pet to relax while laying down. A dog’s recovery may be slowed down if it is uncomfortable while trying to sleep, so getting a therapy pet mat can be a big help.

Horses sometimes need help, too. In fact, some veterinarians specialize in horse medicine, a tradition left over from times when horses were used for many more purposes. If a horse has a strange limp, shifts rapidly on its feet, or refuses to take on a burden, there is probably a physiological issue. A horse doctor can look over an afflicted horse and diagnose the problem, and describe products that can help it recover. Like with dogs, a horse may have ankle wraps or leg braces put in place to allow it to walk without straining the affected limb. Horses can also have fleece blankets fitted onto them like vests to help ease strain on impaired muscles or joints.