Caring for Your Farm Animals

When you think of a veterinarian, what animals do you picture them caring for? Most people would say a cat or a dog. Well, what about farm animals? Farms are some of the most animal-occupied places on earth, and farm animals come down with illnesses just like our household pets. There is no shortage of check-ups and work to be done on huge industry farms, whether it be for racehorses, or infected animals meant for the meat industry. Vets are plentiful on some farms, while others only have them in a few times a year or when problems arise. In this video, you will see a new recruit at Vet Ranch, one of the most prestigious farm-based hospitals.

Video Source

As you can see, Flower the horse is having trouble eating. In a normal farm setting, this may be easily missed due to all the other animals needing attention as well. This is why it is vital to have veterinarians constantly checking up on your farm animals, especially horses. Horses are used for racing and breeding, as well as several other horsemanship sports. This makes them extra important, so be sure to get your horses check-ups at least once every few months.