How to Groom a Golden Retriever

In this video, you will learn about pet groomers. This video explains how to groom a golden retriever specifically, but can be applied to many long-haired dogs. First, you are going to get the water system turned on and get it warm.

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While the water is warming, you can cut their nails. Be sure to be very careful when you cut their nails not to hit or damage a nerve. Start by giving the dog a full rinse. This will rinse out any kind of loose dirt or loose hair. Shedding in a long-haired dog is normal. Even getting regular trims on the dog won’t stop the shedding, it will just make the hair that is being shed smaller. Once you are ready to use soap, make sure you only use shampoo meant for a dog. Regular shampoo can be toxic for dogs. If the dog is acting super nervous, introduce them to the soap and water slowly. Otherwise, this can be a very traumatic experience and could lead to them being afraid of groomers in the future. To learn more about dog grooming, keep watching the rest of this video.