Designer Jewelry Dog Collars

When you think of investing in a new beautiful piece of luxury jewelry, chances are you don’t immediately think of buying it for your pet. Well, 2022 has some news for you! Dog owners everywhere are starting to pour money into their pets’ luxury dog collars, spending upwards of a million dollars to ensure their furry friend is fashionable. Custom diamond dog collars are not something you would find at any old jewelry store, and are usually quite rare to even find in commercial retail. This video outlines some of the most expensive styles of luxury dog collars on the market today.

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Without a doubt, pet owners are willing to do just about anything for their companion dogs, and buying them luxury dog collars is very much on the list. Brands like Ralph Lauren and Tiffany and Co. offer top-of-the-line leather collars with matching leads for less than $400, while Louis Vitton’s dog collar is just under $500. Finally, Big Dog Chains sells their solid gold collar for $35,000, and the Amour Amour diamond-embedded collar has a retail value of 3.2 million dollars. Pet luxury sure is a wild industry!