Why You Need Indestructible Crate Pads for Dogs That Chew

Did you know that dogs spend half of their day, 12 to 14 hours sleeping? Therefore, most dog beds utilize a unique design to provide comfort to our furry friends as they rest. Unfortunately, some dogs find comfort in chewing and shredding their beds into pieces.

Most dogs chew their beds out of frustration, boredom, and lack of social interaction from the owner. Stopping your dog from chewing is, therefore, dependent on your understanding of the reasons behind their chewing behavior. In the meantime, buying indestructible crate pads for dogs that chew will do the trick.

Here are the main ways in which you can stop the bad chewing habit.

Why Do Dogs Chew Their Bed?

If you’re considering investing in crate pads for dogs that chew, you need to understand the reasons behind the behavior.

1. Boredom

One of the primary reasons why your dog chews its bed is due to boredom. If you lock it in your house for long, it’ll get bored.

2. Separation Anxiety

Some canines are prone to separation anxiety and thus need your constant attention. If your pooch makes a big deal when you come or go, then it’s prone to separation anxiety. As such, they’ll chew their bed to let out this anxiety.

3. Hunger

Your pooch may try to eat its bed and blankets when hungry. As the owner, make sure your dog doesn’t get hungry by consistently timing their meals.

How Do You Stop Bed Chewing?

Now that you know the causes of this bad behavior, it will be easy to stop the canine from destroying their crate pad. Follow these steps for quality results.

• Buy an Indestructible Crate Pads for Dogs That Chew

The first line of defense in stopping dog bed destruction is getting a tougher bed. The challenge with traditional beds is that they’re made for mellow pets with no history of destructive habits.

So, what happens if you have a chewer dog? Well, get yourself a chew proof crate pads for dogs that chew, it will withstand any abuse or damage. Make sure the cover is tough but removable for easier washing.

• Exercise Your Dog

Other than the obvious health benefits, dog exercises work magic in preventing their destructive behavior. For instance, destroying a dog kennel pad requires a lot of energy. If your pooch is tired from exercising, it’s likely to fall asleep rather than get to a destructive chewing spree.

• Offer Redirection Training

As a dog owner, try to redirect their urge to chew their bed to something else. If the dog must chew, then try controlling what it chews.

For example, you can redirect the urge to something else, say a toy or a bone. Use positive reinforcement to help it understand what it should or shouldn’t chew. You can offer several toys and treats to maintain the interest of your dog. Further, make sure the toys you buy will not rip into pieces which may choke your pet.

• Use an Anti-Chew Spray

Are you in a fix and would want a quick solution, a chew deterrent spray will work wonders. However, this is just a Band-Aid to the problem. The deterrent spray tastes bad, but it will cause zero harm to your dog. Use it as you look for a more permanent solution to your problem.

• Do Not Put Your Dog into Stressful Situations

Reducing the stress in your pet’s life works magic in stopping the dog from chewing its bed. At times, the dog will chew their bed when in stressful conditions due to environmental changes, losing to a fellow pet, or moving to a new location. Strive to make its area as comfortable as possible by showing love and affection during stressful times.


Destructive crate pad is a concern for most pet owners. Knowing the reason why your pooch is engaging in this behavior determines your ability to get an effective solution to the problem.