How Children And Animals Bond Why Introducing Your Child To Horses Is a Great Idea

Whether you consider yourself an animal lover or not, it’s easy to conclude that animals are some of the purest and most loving beings on the planet.

Children, follow right after.

The bond between animals and children is so special, and it actually benefits them both. Introducing your child early on to a variety of animals, specifically horses, can teach them a lot about compassion and responsibility.

Bonding with an animal also releases a copious amount of oxytocin, so the next time you’re feeling down, try looking into your pet’s eyes.

But if you want to give either your animal or child the gift of a lifetime, here’s how bonding with an animal can improve the lives of both parties.

How Caring For An Animal Can Improve Their Compassion

Children learn empathy through mirroring. When they see compassion, they’ll pick up and learn how crucial mutual respect is for any form of life—whether it’s a human a horse, or a dog.

Caring for an animal involves a lot more than just standard grooming and feeding. Animals, like us, can grow ill as they age. Horses can develop cataracts and even arthritis. When introducing your child to an older animal, emphasize that they must be gentle.

A therapeutic horse back pad can and may improve the horse’s state. Utilizing therapy products for horses can help the child realize, that though animals look slightly different, they are just like us. Their muscles get sore too. And they need relief from an aching back, just like us. Ask the child to help adjust the horse’s back pad. Or have them watch an adult secure a neck cover or horse polo wraps for the animal.

Though a therapeutic horse back pad, can warm up the horse’s muscles, remind your child to be gentle when working with the animal.

A Trip To The Barn Can Instill An Admirable Work Ethic

If you’re unsure how to locate a stable or farm, try an animal sanctuary instead. Making it into a day trip can give the child in your life something to look forward to. Make it a routine, and give them something to get excited about on a monthly if not weekly basis.

Animal sanctuaries are usually located in the outskirts of towns and cities. Call and ask the owner of the sanctuary. Ask if it’s fine to stop by during the weekend and volunteer.

Volunteering your time to a shelter or sanctuary, can also instill some admirable values in your kids, while also improving their work ethic.

Animals Thrive On Affection

Though a child can learn a great amount from caring for an animal, the animal can also benefit from this relationship.

Nuzzling, licking, and kissing are all signs that the horse is comfortable around you. The amount of oxytocin released can help lower their stress levels and promote a sense of happiness.


If you decide to implement regular visits with animals into your child’s life, make sure to emphasize that they must be gentle. Though a therapeutic horse back pad may lessen the strain on a horse’s back, they must remember to treat their new animal friend with kindness and respect.

This bond is mutual for both the animal and child, so if you want either to reap the benefits, consider monthly trips to an animal sanctuary, stable, or ranch.