What veterinary services do I need?

Pets have been around since the beginning of time and they have been making our lives better and more enjoyable each and everyday. There is literally a pet for every personality to, you can choose cats for the mysterious antisocial people, dogs for the fun loving energetic people, snakes for the scary bikers and bald folks, chickens and ducks for the hillbillies and country people, and other odd creatures that suit the other odd humans of the world.

Being a pet owner is just like being a parent without the midnight feedings and diaper changes. You have a certain responsibility to care for the animal as your own child with vet checkups, puppy shots and other vaccinations, registration, training and much more. As Bob Barker would say “don’t forget to spay and neuter your pets so they don’t create overpopulation”. Dogs and cats can start having babies as young as 5 months old. Pets have many different needs and requirements and before you jump into ownership be sure to do your homework.

If you choose to get a puppy make sure you know how big the breed will get. If your living in a tiny apartment you will not be comfortable for long with a great Dane galloping around your home. Puppy’s need regular vet checkups and puppy shots to maintain health and keep them from spreading or contracting diseases. If you have children you will need to make sure you get your kids acquainted with your puppy and everyone is on the same page with the rules of puppy training. The last thing you want is to finally teach the puppy to stop begging only to have the kids tossing meatballs under the table at supper time.

Cats are great for the right people. They are weird, funny, fuzzy, and great company. Cats can reproduce like rabbits though so making sure they are fixed is super important. The feral cat population is taking over in parts of the world and they are not a welcomed part of society. Cats require annual vet visits as well and they require their own form of shots as well. Many rental homes are cat friendly and not dog friendly as well due to the size of the animal and the lower amount of damage they can cause. This is of course if you have one or two cats and skip the whole crazy cat lady step.

If you head in a different direction and get a reptile friend do your homework because a lot of them can be very needy. Some require certain terrarium sizes, heated lighting, special vitamins and minerals and many other specialty items. They may require an annual pet clinic visit or a check up every now and then but don’t require puppy shots or being neutered which is a bonus. If you’re looking for a pet to love and cuddle with I would steer clear of bearded dragons or leopard geckos. These pets are cool to watch but they aren’t very lovable creatures.

Ducks and chickens can be a very easy pet to care for and they stay outside which is a bonus if your not into the sharing your dwelling with a beast thing. You can have fresh eggs daily without the need of a noisy rooster as well which is especially great if you have a small yard in the city. If you’re a natural farmer you won’t have any issues putting down your ducks and chickens if they happen to get sick instead of taking them into the veterinarian for a costly visit. All you need to do is feed them, clean up after them and maintain their safety and your good to go.

So between getting puppy shots, cat fixing, reptile vet clinic visits, and duck pond building you really need to decide what kind of pet parent you want to be.