Is Your Dog Showing Difficulty Walking Or Running? Consider Getting Them A Back Pad Or Brace Sock

Animals, just like us, can struggle with stiff joints and sore backs.

We’ve all had those days where we’re just not at 100%. We keep creaking and aching, struggling to do basic tasks and wanting nothing more than a little extra support. Just like you would turn to a quick massage or a wrist brace to keep you going for a few more hours, so too can you get a certified back pad or ankle brace sock for your animals. These can be used for horse riding or a dog showing the onset of arthritis, among other things, and make all the difference when it comes to personal health. Even a specialized blanket can go a long way to increase comfort in the cold season.

It’s time to bridge the gap between human and animal comfort and find out which resources you should take advantage of this season.

Did You Know?

We love our pets. We love them so much, in fact, we’ll create some of the most durable and long-lasting back pads and ankle braces to make sure they’re comfortable every minute of the day. A recent study found one out of four pet dogs in the United States are diagnosed with some form of arthritis every year. This is particularly common among purebred dogs, as they’re more likely to inherit specific issues to their breed. Think hip dysplasia in German Shepherds and lower back strain in Dachshunds.

Best Blanket For Horses

Horses may be hardy creatures, but they need a little extra comfort from time to time. Every year in the United States over seven million people will ride horses to race, practice or just enjoy the beach from a different point of view. The best horse blankets should be large enough to cover the animal securely and make sure they retain a steady temperature throughout the night. These can also be worn outside in the early morning hours to help them accumulate to the weather faster. Horse blankets are designed to stave off moisture, avoid mold and make your horse feel super cozy.

Back Pad For Dogs

Your dog is showing some difficulty walking up the stairs or a little discomfort when playing out in the park. When nearly 45% of all households in the country have at least one dog, it’s only a matter of time until you’re looking for the perfect back pad. Dogs have a curved spine that can gain some stress over time, whether through a hidden injury or the onset of age. A good therapeutic back pad will give them a little extra support as they lope throughout their day and reduce the amount of tension traveling throughout their body. Make sure to follow the directions closely on when to remove it.

Canine Leg Wraps

Let’s say you’re not needing a back pad, but something to help reduce the amount of strain in your dog’s ankles. A dog arthritis brace can take on the form of a large back pad or a series of dog wraps to be applied throughout the week. These can be useful in reducing inflammation in the joint and helping them move more confidently. Just like arthritis in humans, this condition can be frustrating for your dog when they want to go to the bathroom or play in the backyard. The ankle brace sock can also double as a way to keep your dog extra cozy during the freezing winter months.

Using These Health Tools Correctly

It’s not enough to just buy some arthritis gloves or canine leg wraps. You need to make sure you’re using them properly. Your veterinarian can give you a series of simple instructions to follow to make sure you’re not going the other extreme and cutting off bloodflow by accident. A back pad should be fitting snugly so they can lay down, run around and go to the bathroom without trouble. They can also be used as a preventative measure to make sure a condition doesn’t get worse.

Your animals are always there for you. It’s time to make sure you’re there for them!