My Dog Is Limping A Lot And Has A Hard Time Walking Up Stairs Do They Have Arthritis?

Feeling snug and cozy is not just a human thing.

Your pets deserve to be feeling their best all days of the year, particularly when they’re getting on in age and are facing all the bumpiness that comes with it. When your dog or horse starts to show signs of aching joints, simply applying what you use for yourself isn’t a bad place to start. Arthritis hand warmers, dog wraps, and back pads are just a few of the resources you can turn to in order to create a more comfortable life for your pet. Who knows? It might just become their new favorite thing alongside their beloved treats!

While the market for dog and horse braces is pretty large, here’s a simplified list to get you started on the basics.

Did You Know?

So many American households today have pets bringing out the best in everyday life. Nearly 45% of all homes today have at least one dog, according to recent studies, and this number is followed close behind by cats. Every year some seven million people ride horses, too. Because of just how prevalent pets are it’s not hard to see why dog wraps and equine horse boots are in such high demand. Animals give us so much to appreciate during the rough week…why wouldn’t we want to give back?

Dog Leg Wraps For Swollen Joints

The signs of a dog starting to feel the onset of arthritis is easy to spot. One out of four dogs in the country will be diagnosed with this condition, with many of them developing it out of age, their breed, or both. Over 75% of dogs struggling with severe dysplasia and arthritis are still able to live comfortable, healthy lives with the support of dog wraps and wrist braces. Limping when walking, difficulty climbing stairs, refusal to run, whining, and whimpering are some of the more common signs. Dog wraps can be applied quickly and removed even quicker.

The Best Horse Blankets For Cold Nights

It’s not just dogs that could use a spot of relief. Horses are sensitive animals that can succumb to all sorts of frustrating issues if not taken care of. A gift your equine friends will appreciate year-round is the horse fleece blanket, designed to loop over their unique body structure and push back the cold. There are over 400 breeds of domestic horse today, all of whom are classified as grazers, and the average horse can weigh up to 2,200 pounds. While they can seem invincible at a glance, something as simple as a blanket can do a lot to improve their health and overall mood.

Caps For Horses Who Need Relief

Is your horse still showing some signs of frustration? If you suspect they’re having issues with their teeth, horse caps should be your next purchase. A horse that’s injured or struggling with some sort of muscle issue will inform you in their posture, more often than not. This includes shifting its weight from side to side, refusing to move at all, and refusing to bear weight (whether it’s their rider or a saddlebag). Caps for a horse are snug and firm, able to be slipped on easily and last all day long.

How To Use A Support Brace Or Hock Joint Properly

While it’s always best to consult a veterinarian before committing to a set of dog wraps or horse neck covers, there are tips to make the process smooth for both parties. You should make sure not to tie on a dog wrap too tightly, as that can have the opposite intended effect and cut off blood flow. It’s also important to find the right size for your breed, as anything too large can be a hassle to work with. Most American households today boast at least one pet. Actually knowing how to provide their pet with relief, however, is another battle.

Give your pet something to cheer about. Gift them a set of dog wraps or horse wraps this year for maximum comfort.