Is Your Canine Companion in Need of a Furry Friend? Pet Dating Websites Can Help

Is my dog lonely

Recent studies were able to positively identify something that pet guardians have suspected for centuries: dogs have an emotional life, experience happiness and sadness, and are sensitive to the tone of their owners’ voices. A happy dog is a happy owner, and now we know that they are truly our best friends and really do miss us when we’re at work.

Many pet owners do feel guilty about going to work and leaving pets alone. Some pet owners install cameras in the home so they can check in on their pets and so that the pets can see their smiling faces during the difficult time when owners have to be at work or go shopping.

Some owners get another pet so that the two can socialize and keep each other company during long days and lonely nights, and some pet owners take their dogs to doggy daycares, where they can feast on wonderful pet food and play with other happy dogs all day.

Surprisingly, brief interactions with other pets or with dog walkers can go a long way toward improving sensitive pets’ moods. Just 20 minutes at the dog park or going for a walk around the block can help beloved dogs feel much happier, and there are even online options for committed pet owners who want to ensure doggie companionship.

“Pet dating” websites can help owners make a friend connection for their pooches or even a love connection: owners whose dogs would benefit from play dates with other dogs or whose dogs are at a confirmed breeding age are looking to pet dating websites to connect with like-minded dog owners.

Daters post profiles of their pets and can find similar breeds or owners
with complementary interests, easily setting up play dates or meetings to have the dogs meet in potential breeding situations.

Pet dating makes it easy to make our best friends happy, and more Americans are finding lasting puppy love online. The only question is, what do we call the puppies that our beloved pets will have…grandpuppies?