Is Man’s Best Friend Safe From Harm? Why Puppy Vaccinations are Necessary

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While the debate about childhood vaccinations continues to be played out on television and on the internet, a quieter debate is heard only on certain radio stations and in certain pet stores. Are puppy vaccinations really necessary?

According to experts, the answer is yes: puppies should be given a vaccine that contains five different medicines three times before six months of age and then once every year after that.

Children who have a pet at home can assist in holding the puppy when it is being vaccinated; learning to care for a pet and walking it can increase the bond between the puppy and its owner, as well as decrease the chances of developing allergies and of becoming obese.

No matter the age of the owner, the benefits of owning a puppy are well-documented. In America alone, there are more than 75 million dogs in people’s homes: almost half of all people in America own a dog.

Puppy vaccinations can be one way of ensuring that
beloved family pets are safe from any common ailments they might be prone to genetically or that they might come into contact with from environmental hazards or from contact with other animals.

Doctors agree that having a pet can improve a person’s overall health. A startling 97 out of every 100 doctors believe strongly that owning a pet imparts at least some health benefit to the owners, and 60 out of 100 would recommend that a person should acquire a pet if they desire to make a positive change in their health.

Finding quality veterinary care either with a doctor or appropriate urgent care center at a pet store can make a difference in a pet’s lifespan and in their overall happiness. The right practitioner should be able to make vaccination recommendations as well well as help to find long-term vet services.