Four Necessities to Bring on your Dog Park Trip

Dogi poop bag

Dog parks can be a great place for pets and their humans to attend. They give dogs an opportunity to run and burn off energy from the day. They also teach dog?s important interaction and social skills. It might take some getting used to as you adjust to a trip to the local dog park. Fortunately, according to a 2016 report from the Trust for Public Lands, nearly every major city has at least one dog park. Don?t forget the following necessary dog park items.

Necessary paperwork and licenses
Most local dog parks require both city paperwork and dog licensing. You will usually need to pay for entrance to the park or have a season pass. To obtain this pass through the park, you will have to prove records of vaccinations of your dog. They want to know that your dog is healthy and that it will not pass on any diseases to the other dogs in the park. Make sure you bring these items with you, every time you go to the dog park.

Your dog?s leash and collar
One of the best parts of a local dog park is that your dog can run around off leash. However, you are still required to bring your dog in on a leash. There can be a lot of cars driving around at the entrance to the park, so it is safer to bring them in on a leash. Additionally, if there are any problems or safety concerns within the park, you will want to put the leash back on them. Also, make sure they are always wearing their collar. If they were to get lost during their trip, the collar will show anyone that finds them where they belong.

Dog park accessories
Dog parks are a great place to play and interact with your dog. You might want to bring some of their favorite toys for a game of fetch or hide and seek. Also, if it is your dog?s first time to the park, bringing a favorite toy might make them more comfortable. Although most dog parks have plenty of dog playground equipment, it might take some time for your dog to get used to these toys. Bringing your own dog park items ensures that you both still have a good time.

Dog poop bags
It is likely that your dog will poop either on the way to the park or at the park. Although most dog parks have dog poop bags available, it is not necessarily a good idea to rely on them. The dog bag dispensers could be full or your pet could have an accident in the car, on the way to the park. Dog poop bags are one of the most important dog park items that you need to remember. Most cities, including parks, have imposed fines, sometimes up to $750, if you do not clean up after your dog in a public area. Also, it can be very frustrating to step in another dog?s mess in the park because another pet parent failed to properly clean up after their dog?s poop. Never forget the dog poop bags by attaching dog park supplies directly to their leash.

Dog parks offer wide open spaces for dogs to run and play. Many dog parks also have an abundance of toys and exercise obstacle courses. However, you will still want to bring your own dog park items as you plan a trip to the local dog park. Remember to bring your vaccination records, licenses, dog poop bags, your dog?s favorite toys, and any other favorite exercise items. It can also be helpful to bring a small bowl, a bottle of water, and some snack items. You can never be too prepared.