4 Health Tips Every Pug Owner Needs to Know

Healthcare for pets

Statistics show that 46.3 million households in the United States own at least one dog. One of the most popular dogs in America is the pug. The pug can be traced back to when they were pets in ancient Buddhist monasteries. Since their origins, many pet owners have fallen in love with pugs, welcoming them into their families. Most pets throughout the nation are received from either friends or family members. It’s understandable to want to know what helps your pug enjoy a long and happy life. Here are four tips for ensuring your pug stays healthy.

  1. Control the Weight of Your Dog

    Human beings can add or lose a few pounds without it being noticeable. Pugs are a smaller breed of dog, meaning a few gained pounds is a lot of weight. One great way to keep your pug in shape is by walking your dog. It’s wise to ask your vet which type of food is recommended for your pug. You will want to ensure that your pet receives a controlled amount of food. Many dogs are known to have appetites that are far larger than their small stomachs. Feeding your pug healthy food in controlled portions is a great way to control the weight of an animal.
  2. Clean Within Skin Folds

    One feature that makes a pug unique is its wrinkles. Many people can’t resist the cuteness of a pug’s wrinkly face. Unfortunately, these folds can be home to a wide variety of bacteria. You’ll want to ensure that the skin folds of a pug are lightly cleaned. Many pug owners use baby wipes to keep these folds free from bacteria.
  3. Keep Animal Cooled Properly

    One way that human beings stay cool is through repeated breathing. If you’ve ever run for long distances, you’re aware of how rapid breathing returns your body back to a normal state. Unfortunately, pugs are smaller and have a harder time cooling down through breathing. You never want to keep your pet outside for long amounts of time when hotter temperatures occur.
  4. Pet Insurance is a Wise Purchase

    The life of a pet owner can sometimes be full of surprises. Many pet owners purchase pet insurance to keep medical costs manageable. Statistics show that $13.59 billion is spent on vet care throughout the course of a year. You’ll find that keeping your pug insured helps to keep them up to date on all treatments and shots. It’s wise to utilize preventative medicines to keep your pets protected all year.

In summary, there are several important pet care tips to remember for pugs. It’s imperative that you watch the weight of your dogs. These animals are small which means gaining a few pounds means a big difference in body composition. Many owners take their pugs for regular walks to keep their weight under control. Pugs have adorable wrinkly faces. However, it’s imperative that you regularly clean within these folds as they can harbor bacteria. Always ensure your pug has water nearby due to the fact that this dog breed can heat up quickly. Many pet owners prefer to keep their beloved pets protected through the purchase of pet insurance.