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No matter the advanced veterinary care center, no matter the veterinarian technicians working, no matter the day, there are some certain veterinarian questions that are asked more frequently than others. Rather than waiting until your next appointment to find out the answers you need, here are just a few of these commonly asked veterinarian questions.

What Food Should I Be Feeding My Pet?

One of the most common veterinarian questions that gets asked is about pets’ foods. Realistically, any major brand of pet food is fine, just so long as it’s the right formula. Many brands design pet food based on the different ages, and sizes of pets, so be sure to get the right type. As for dry versus wet food, that’s really up to the pet’s preference. Whichever one they seem to prefer is best.

What Vaccinations Should I Give My Pet?

Pets should begin being vaccinated when they’re at least six-weeks-old, and given every three weeks until they’re at least four-months-old. Puppies should get the DALPP vaccine, which protects them against several different contagious diseases. Kittens should get the FVRCP vaccine, which, again, protects them against several different contagious diseases. Both types of pets should get a rabies vaccine as well.

How Often Should I Be Bathing My Pet?

Dogs really only need a bath about once a month, unless they have a skin condition. Anymore and they’ll start to develop dry skin. Just be sure you also clean your pet’s ears at the very least once a week to prevent an infection.

What food should be fed, what vaccinations should be given, and how often should pets be bathed are just a few of the most commonly asked veterinarian questions. If you have any other veterinarian questions that weren’t answered here, feel free to ask in the comments.