What Supplies Do You Need to Take Care of a Horse?

Many people dream about owning their very own horse from a very young age. Horses are some of the most beautiful and tamable creatures on earth, and it’s no wonder why so many people devote their lives to training, riding, and taking care of these gorgeous animals. As one would imagine, taking care of a new horse is an incredibly daunting task to jump right into. Tons of preparation and research is necessary before adding a new horse into your barn. To help us get a head start, this video jumps into the many different horse supplies that you will need to properly care for your new horse.

First of all, you will need a barn and space to happily house your horse. You will need plenty of wide open spaces and grassy expanses for your horse to run and roam, as well as a heavy-duty fence to keep them from running away.

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You will also need a great deal of riding equipment and cleaning products to keep your horse’s stable sanitary. Invest in a sturdy wheelbarrow for cleanup, and a ton of food and horse bedding.