Three of the Most Commonly Asked Veterinarian Questions Answered


Veterinarians and veterinarian technicians see patients every day, and each time, these health care professionals answer some of the same questions over and over again. Here are just a few of the answers to these obsequious veterinarian questions to save you the time of having to call your furry friend’s advanced veterinary care center should you ever wonder.

What Food Should I Give My Pet?

One of the most types of veterinarian questions people have is in regards to their pets’ diets. Most vets agree that just about any major brand of pet food is fine, just so long as the pet is eating the right formula. For example, puppies should get the puppy chow. As for wet or dry, that’s up the pet’s preference. Another of the most common veterinarian questions having to do with pets’ diets is how big should a portion be. The answer, naturally, is dependent on the dog. While it’s fine to go by the bag’s suggestion, keep in mind that the more active a pet is, the higher their metabolism will be, which means the more food they’ll need.

How Often Should I Give My Pet a Bath?

Another common area of pet owners’ veterinarian questions go is in regards to pets’ sanitary needs. Most dogs with good skin only need to bathe once a month, and anything more than once a week might cause dry skin. Their ears, on the other hand, should be cleaned weekly.

Do I Have to Brush My Pet’s Teeth?

Though it might seem an odd thing to ask, the last of the most common veterinarian questions is whether or not you have to brush a dog’s teeth, and the answer is even more odd — yes and no. Dogs do need to have their teeth cleaned, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they need to be brushed. There are dental chews and special diets available that can clean a pet’s teeth. That being said, the old toothpaste-and-toothbrush approach also works, too.

If you have any other veterinarian questions that weren’t answered here, feel free to share them in the comments.