The Importance Of Finding A Quality Vet For Your Animal Companion

Pain relief for dogs

America is truly a nation of pet lovers. There an estimated 36,117,000 cats owned as pets in the United States according to the American Veterinary Medical Association. Similarly, 69,926,000 dogs are owned as pets. Pets are much more than animals that live in our homes, they truly become an integral part of our lives and families. Finding the right veterinarian for your pets needs is an important part of maintaining a happy and healthy animal companion.

American’s take their dogs to the vet roughly 2.6 times per year, according to a recent study. Animal hospitals offer an array of animal care services, such as wellness and awareness programs, in addition to traditional veterinary services, like surgery, radiology, dental services, micro chipping and vaccinations. Technological advances in medicine have also benefited veterinary offices. For example, laser therapy is commonly used to treat chronic ailments such as arthritis, or post surgery as part of a pain management regimen. Laser therapy works by introducing light and gentle heat deep into inflamed tissue, thereby reducing pain and inflammation, as well as promoting the healing process. This treatment last only moments, and causes your pet no pain or discomfort. If your pet has an emergency after hours and their veterinarian is not available, there are also 24 hour animal clinics that treat emergency health situations for common household pets, such as cats and dogs. These emergency clinics will work in tandem with your animal companion’s primary veterinarian.

Many people fear the expense taking their animal companion to a reputable veterinarian. However, many animal hospitals provide quality care at affordable costs. Most animal clinics accept pet health insurance or offer manageable payment plans for those who are uninsured. Veterinarians can give you the tools and resources you need in order to properly care for your pet’s medical needs.