Smart Ways to Keep Your Pet Close By

Pet tags for dogs

Having a pet run away can be a traumatic, stressful, and worrisome experience. Pets contribute to so many important parts of any pet owners life, adding a sense of companionship, compassion, and love to any part of the day spent with them. It has been found that nearly 80 percent of all dog and cat owners claim their pet can sense the subtleties of their mood. This is because we live intimately with our pets. Many people view their pets to be a part of the family.

Throughout history most civilizations have held domesticated animals in reverence for their loyalty and unique sensibilities. For instance, the Ancient Egyptians understood most of their gods to be part animal and even performed elaborate mourning rituals when a dog or cat would die. Even in our modern world pet cemeteries can be found in most major towns and cities, adding to the general reverence we have for our furry friends.

With so much dependence and love for our animals the process of one’s pet running away can be devastating. That is why it is important to make sure to keep engraved pet tags attached to the collars of your pets. These small, personalized pet tags allow whoever finds your pet to identify them. Choosing engraved pet tags depends on the size and personality of your pet. There are many different varieties to choose from, such as plastic pet tags, brass pet tags, reflective pet tags, all of which can be personalized and customized to your liking.

Each material used for a custom pet tag serves a particular purpose. The plastic pet tag is light weight so as to be used for small cat tags or small dog tags. The brass pet tag can be attached to a larger dog or cat to make sure the tag doesn’t get lost or damaged, as a plastic pet tag is easily removed by larger pets. The reflective pet tag serves perhaps the most practical function when an animal does run away, allowing your pet to be more visible in sunlight, bettering the chances of retrieval. Engraved pet tags also display the name of the pet as well as the owners address and phone number to make sure they make it home.

If and when your pet does run away it is important to not rely solely on engraved pet tags to get them back home. While many pets can find their way back home based on instinct, there is still the chance that they lose their own bearings in the surrounding area. Make sure you post up flyers and posters with the pets name and owner contact information around your community. Include a photograph of the pet as well to help with the identification process. Putting up at least 20 posters or more around your local area will help encourage a speedy return for your pet.

Engraved pet tags are widely available at many major pet stores nationwide. Depending on your ethical stance toward the issue, there is even new technology available to implant a microchip in your pet ensuring your ability to keep track of their whereabouts with a smartphone or computer.

Find out which option is right for you and your pet to keep them close by at all times. As a big part of any family, make sure you care for your pet as much as you know they care for you.