Pets Can Face Chronic Health Issues, Too Useful Wraps And Back Pads To Provide Your Dog Relief

Few people are strangers to chronic health issues. One way or another we’re managing little aches and stiffness problems.

Why would your pets be any different? Part of being a responsible animal owner is spotting the warning signs of a burgeoning health issue, from a stiff back to joints that ache. When you’re worried about the well-being of your horse or dog, the most sensible thing is to look up supplementary health materials. There are many wonderful resources available on the market today, though choosing the right one can take a little doing. The last thing you want to do is inadvertently make a problem worse!

Let’s take a look at some of the most common pet health supplements and how they can help your furry friend feel more comfortable.

Did You Know?

Before we dive into the world of dog wraps and arthritis gloves, let’s look at some statistics. It’s estimated 45% of all households in the United States have at least one dog, if not several. Not to be outdone, another study found over seven million people regularly ride horses. Pets are wonderful additions to our lives, helping us with our emotional health and gifting us with humor when we need it most. You’re already doing the essential work of giving back by looking into dog wraps.

Dog Wraps For Sore Joints

Chronic health issues can affect just about everybody. Age is often the biggest culprit, though they can certainly be caused by a hidden injury or too much physical strain. One out of four pet dogs today will be diagnosed with some form of arthritis, making it one of the most common problems brought to veterinarians. The good news? A recent study estimated 75% of dogs suffering from severe dysplasia and arthritis are still able to live comfortable, happy lives with regular management — dog wraps are highly useful, able to be tightened and removed at will.

Best Horse Blankets

Perhaps you own a horse instead and are worried about their comfort during the night. Instead of constantly swapping out moldy human blankets that always seem to gather moisture, invest in fleece blankets for horses. These are explicitly designed to push back the elements and keep your steed toasty cozy. There are over 400 breeds of domestic horse, all of whom are classified as grazers, and most have the ability to weigh over 2,000 pounds. While they can seem stout and tough at a glance, horses are quite sensitive creatures that can always use a little helping hand.

Pet Back Pads

Do you ever wince and hold your back while trying to pick up a heavy object? Are cold pads one of your favorite parts of the day? When your animal starts to show signs of stress, a back pad can provide them the same relief you feel after a rough morning. For horses the first sign something is wrong often comes from posture — horses can refuse to bear weight or move at all, often a sign of an inward issue. Find a back pad of the right size and keep it on for several hours to provide your pet that extra bit of support they need.

Common Signs Your Pet Needs A Little Help

It never hurts to be extra observant. Your pets are always giving back to you in small and major ways, so offer them some relief with dog wraps, brace for calves, and back pads. Most dogs benefit from daily aerobic exercise — this can be a 30 minute jog around the block or regular trips to the dog park. Horses are similar, needing some sprightly exercise to keep their joints from becoming stiff or affecting their moods. Just like us, pets require a balanced life to live their happiest lives.

Chronic health issues for your pets, just like your own, need support. Look into dog wraps and blanket liner for horses this year so you can show a little extra love.