Loving Pet Care Is the Sign of a Great Owner

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When was the last time that you checked on your social media post and did not see a cute dog video?
Is your dog the first thing that you look for when you get home from work?
Do you buy Christmas gifts for your dog?
Would you be lost in your home without your favorite dog?
We live in a world that is frequently stressful, frequently unpredictable, and frequently lonely. Fortunately, having a family pet can provide a break from the stress, comfort during unpredictable times, and companionship during lonely times.
If you have a dog that is important to you, how do you make sure that dog is as healthy as possible? From veterinary visits to appointments for dog dental care, caring pet owners consider the health of their animals as important as the health of other family members.
Dog Dental Care Is a Priority to the Loving Pet Owners
Taking care of your favorite canine involves more than spaying a dog and going to a once a year veterinary appointment to get shots. The most thoughtful owners also pay follow the recommended dog dental care. consider the following tips for dental care for dogs:

  • 80% of dogs have periodontal (dental) disease by the age of three.
  • 90% of the surface of a dog?s teeth can be reached just by the owner brushing; flossing is not essential.
  • 65% of pet owners do not brush their pet’s teeth, even though veterinarians explain the importance of this basic dog dental care.
  • Dogs that are under the age of seven should have their teeth examined once a year.
  • After the age of seven, most dog clinics recommend the examinations happen twice a year.

A dog vet clinic should not be used just for emergency situations. They should also proactively be used for regular health check ups. Shots, dental exams, and whole pet exams are the best way to make sure that your pet stays as healthy as possible.
In Addition to Dental and Healthcare, What Else Do You Do to Care for Your Pets?
If a pet is an important part of your life, you likely have a whole tradition of and pattern of things that you do for your pet. For your friends who are not dog lovers, in fact, you likely seem to go overboard, but understanding how important your dog is you spare no expense or effort.
For instance, you likely know that many pets can actually suffer from separation anxiety when you are away from work. And while the most serious separation anxiety in both dogs and cats occurs during the first 15 minutes your pet is alone, for some animals this anxiety can persist during the entire time you are away. And while some owners simply leave the television on for their pets, other owners make use of the newest technology to stay in touch with their pets. A remote camera that has recently been added to the market allows pets to press a button and access a video that can show his or her owner whether that owner is at work or at the gym.
In addition to helping their pet with separation anxiety, many pet owners also make sure that they recognize their pets’ birthdays, as well as the anniversary of the day that the pet joined the family. From dog squeeze toys shaped like small cacti for dogs in Phoenix to cute little sweaters for family photos, some dog owners go all out when it is time to recognize the milestones and celebrations of the pets in their lives.
Dogs and cats are an important part of many families. They are often the first thing that you see when you come home from work and the reason that you spend a few extra moments snuggling on the couch before going to bed. And while some people have had pets their entire lives, others do not become pet owners until later in live. Whether you have a pet that has been part of your life for many years, or you have a brand new little puppy, the health of your animals needs to be a priority. From dental care to yearly shots, pet owners who take care of their animals are rewarded with healthier animals.