Keeping Your Cat Safe During the Summer Months

The summer is a time for fun and enjoyment. We love to spend time with our friends and family. You can jump in a pool or lake, have a barbecue, or play some fun games. After being cooped up in our homes all winter, we love to get out and do things in the summer. These are many of the reasons why summer remains the favorite status of the seasons.

Pets are incredibly popular for families. Nearly 85 million households own a pet. Cats and dogs remain the most popular of choices for pets. Summer can be a time where you spend some time with your pet. Unfortunately, summer is not all fun for our furry friends. The excessive heat can be hotter than the delicious, spicy wholesale Mexican food that you eat in the summer. Imagine how it affects your hair-covered cat. It is important to be sensible practice extra caution with our cats over the summer, and that includes preventing them from eating your human foods. Follow these pet summer safety tips to ensure that your cat has a safe, yet enjoyable summer.

Helping your cat stay cool

One of summer’s bigger advantages is the weather. With the nice weather, we do not have to bundle up. Unfortunately, you can have too much of a good thing. Temperatures rise to a scorching level of triple digits. It can be incredibly hot. With such rising temperatures, we run the risk of heat exhaustion, heatstroke, and dehydration. Humans adapt to this with clothing. Shorts, tank tops, and swimsuits are some of the go-to attire in this time of year. Cats, however, don’t have that luxury. They have a thick coat of fur 24/7. This can be dangerous for them if they get overheated. You don’t, however, have to worry. There are a number of pet summer safety tips to care for your cats and keep them cool, just like you would for small children that need care but are too young to say when something is wrong.

Cats can get dehydrated too. Keep them well stocked with water. Make frequent checkups on your cat’s water dish. A thirsty cat can drink up the water at a rapid pace, so the dish might be empty before you know it. To make it even cooler for them, drop some ice cubes in the dish. Having plenty of water is essential for your cat’s health in the summer.

The bright lights can also be an extra burden on your cat in the summer heat. Dark spots are naturally cooler. Consider fashioning a dark spot in your home for your cat to go to. If your cat already has a favorite spot in the home, do whatever you can keep it shielded from the light. Move any lamps out of the way. You can also use a box or container that they can relax in. When taking your cat outside, find a nice spot in the shade for them to relax in. When your cat is outside, it is important to be cautious.

The bright inside lights are one thing, but the outside sun can be brutal on your feline friend. It is important to heavily monitor their time outside. When they go outside, try to follow them around. Many pet owners let their animal outside while staying inside. If the pet stays outside for too long, they will grow overheated. If you go outside with them you can recognize warning signs beforehand. You can get them into your air-conditioned home. Cats can also be susceptible to sunburn if left outside for too long. If you want to save a trip to the vet and medical technology treatment, monitor your cat’s outside activity. These are, however, are not the only pet summer safety tips, you should follow.

Overheated cars

A tragic summer story that, sadly is all too common, involves pet owners who leave their animals in their car. This negligence can have devastating consequences. It can also result in criminal charges pressed against the owner. Not leaving your cat in a hot car seems like only common sense, but sometimes accidents can happen. There are a number of important steps to take to prevent against a momentary slip-up.

The best way to prevent this situation is to not bring your cat along with you. Leave them at home with the air conditioner on. If you have to bring your cat with you, drop them off at home first before going to the store. It might be an inconvenience, but even just a couple minutes in a hot car can be brutal to your cat. You can also schedule your errand running around the weather. If you can, wait until a cooler day to go shopping. Our pets are family and should be treated as such. You wouldn’t leave a family member in an overheated car.

Grooming your cat

A cat’s fur coat can be a burden in the hot summer heat. The heaviness could be a burden on your poor feline. Getting the coat groomed frequently throughout the summer will relieve the pressure and make them more comfortable in this heat. Regular grooming is one of the many pet summer safety tips for your cat.

Other cooling down tips

Grooming them, giving them lots of shade, and keeping them out of the heat are some of the most effective ways of keeping your cats cool this summer. There are, however, a number of other tips that you should definitely consider. They can be extremely helpful for your cat.

If your cat is extremely warm, you will be looking for a quick fix to cool them down. Take a towel and run it under cold water. Once it is cold enough, gently rub your pet over and over again. This is a great way to cool them down in a quick and easy fashion at a critical time. You can also use some ice to rub on them or feed them chilled treats that you can store in the freezer along with your other frozen foods. Another helpful tip is using fans. An air conditioner is more powerful, but that can be a hindrance. The air conditioner can be too powerful, whereas a fan can cool the cat down without overwhelming them. Consider an oscillating fan so that it’s not blowing directly on the cat. It will also help hit the different spots of the room instead of just one. We all care about our pets and want to do everything we can to take care of them. Consider these pet summer safety tips to help cool down your cat.

Preventing runaways

Keeping your cat cool is obviously extremely important in the summer months. There are also many other safety concerns for pet owners during the season. Any pet owner will admit to being fearful of their animal friends running away. It is quite a distressing thought. In the summer, it is even more worrisome. If your cat runs away, they will be out in the scorching heat, unable to go inside and cool down. Due to the heat, they may become disorientated. This could cause them to wander off into traffic. Much like the winter months, it is extra pertinent that we keep our feline friends safe at home because of the unruly weather. Following are some helpful pet summer safety tips you can use to keep them safe at home.

In the nice weather, we frequently see our neighbors outside working on projects. They might pull their car out of the garage to do some repair work. With the garage door open, however, you leave an easy escape for your cat. They can easily slip out without much notice. If a dog runs away, it is difficult to not notice. Cats are smaller and can take off without the owner noticing. With an open garage door, some other critters may wander inside as well. Some of these critters may also cause harm to your pet. The solution here is rather simple. After you pull the car out make sure that the door closes all the way. It is important that the garage door installation was done properly and can easily close.

You might be extra cautious about letting your cat out of the garage. It won’t be much help, however, if the door malfunctions. Garage doors often have many issues with closing. It could be an obstructed or weak sensor, poor wiring, or something else. It is important to do building inspection to make sure that the door and other household areas are all up to date and working properly. This could make all the difference in keeping your furry friend safe.

Although the summer is known for rising temperatures, not every day features excruciating heat. The nights can be rather cool. Some people may take advantage of this and prop their window open. Running your air conditioner frequently will jack up your electric bill, so this becomes a much cheaper alternative. Although an open window provides an escape route for your cat. If the cat winds up on the roof, they can easily fall off and be seriously hurt. It is important to always have a screen in front to prevent a walkout. If you’re climbing out there for roofing services, it is best to use a ladder instead. This way you can keep the window closed and screen in place. These pet summer safety tips can help prevent some serious injuries.


Gardening is one of the most popular summer activities. While driving around you are likely to see numerous front yards covered in beautiful budding flowers. Those of us with a green thumb consider gardening one of their greatest passions. If you are a gardening enthusiast, but also a cat owner, safety is a big priority. There are several types of flowers and plants that are toxic to cats.

Lilies are one of the most popular flowers in any garden. Unfortunately, they can be toxic to cats. Digesting them could result in kidney failure for your feline. Another toxic flower is the tulip. The bulb part of the tulip is the most lethal. The toxins contained in it can cause health issues such as gastrointestinal irritation, loss of appetite, and cardiac abnormalities. Flowers in the Rhododendron family are also highly toxic to cats. They contain grayanotoxins which can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and a host of serious health concerns.

Before you begin the gardening process, consult with your wholesale florist. They can advise you on what plants will work best in your garden and how to best protect your cat. To best protect your cat, your best option is to keep them away from the garden as best you could. Put your garden in a spot that is not as easily accessible to your cat. When your cat is in this area, make sure to strictly monitor them. These pet summer safety tips will help keep your cat safe from toxic plants.

Water safety

Swimming remains one of the most popular summer activities. People love spending time in the water. Whether you’re swimming or boating, it is important to practice great water safety. Drowning is a tragic consequence when people fail to adhere to water safety tips. This can also affect your cats. Consider these pet summer safety tips while near the water.

The summer is a great time to kick back and throw a party. Partiers will load up on a couple cases of beer, liquor, and wine from the local wineries. While partying it is vital that you drink responsibly and play it smart. Alcohol and aquatics do not mix. If you are inebriated, you might miss your cat getting dangerously close to the water. Cats may be able to swim instinctively, but if they are unfamiliar with the water, they will likely struggle. This could result in drowning. During your party, it is advised that you leave your pets inside. Any guests who want to see and/or play with them can go inside for that. These pet summer safety tips can literally be between life and death. Keep in mind that you should never give your cat alcohol or caffeine when you’re soaking up the summer sun, too.

Our pets are an integral part of our family. They are our comforting friends. No matter what kind of stressful day we may have had at the office, your pet greeting you at the door is sure to put a smile on our faces. We want to do all that we can to take care of them. Ensuring the safety of our pets is a majority responsibility in cat ownership. You will want to keep your cat cool in the hot summer heat. Preventing potential injuries and keeping them away from poisonous flowers are also some summer concerns any pet owner should take advisement on. By taking these pet summer safety tips into consideration, you will help keep your cat safe this summer.