How to Adopt an Emotional Support Dog

A dog is a human’s best friend. And people keep dogs as their pets for various reasons. That’s why you’ll hear of service dogs, therapy dogs, or emotional support dogs.

Are you looking to adopt an emotional support dog? Do you even know what a shelter dog ESA is? Does it come with specialized skills, or it requires hardcore training after adoption?

Don’t worry about these fears. Instead, read on to dissuade these and other worries.

But first, what is an emotional support dog?

It’s a companion animal prescribed to people with emotional or mental illness. Owning a pet improves the healing of these patients.

An ESA animal offers love, support, and companionship. As such, it helps you ease the symptoms of phobia, anxiety, and depression.

Certified emotional support animals are assistance pets. Don’t confuse them with a service dog.

The Benefits of Adopting a Shelter Dog ESA

Owning a dog presents several benefits. These include the following:

1. Offers Companionship

An ESA dog is your loyal and non-judgmental friend. It’ll be with you at all times.

2. Makes You Happy

Spending time with your pet stimulates the release of feel-good hormones like endorphins. The continuous petting of your pooch is a fantastic way to comfort you and your pet. Goodbye, anxiety, and depression!

3. Keeps You Up at Night

Studies show that over 45% of pooches in the United States share a bed with their owner. Doing so offers a variety of benefits.

First, a shelter dog ESA distracts you from worrying and disturbing thoughts. After clearing your dreams, you’re able to sleep and relax better.

4. Keeps you Safe

Having an ESA dog keeps you safe from burglars and other thieves. Thanks to their sharp sense of smell and hearing, they can detect and alert you of any impending danger.

A pooch instinct is to protect its home and family. Yes, this can be annoying when the mailman knocks your door but useful if an evil person comes by.

Apply for an Emotional Support Dog Letter

Before adopting a shelter dog ESA, apply for an ESA letter online. Once you get it, your dog transcends to a super-hero status. It becomes your emotional support dog.

You’re wondering, what is an ESA letter? And how do you apply for one?

Well, it’s a letter from a licensed health practitioner stating why you need a companion animal.

Legitimize Your ESA

Making your ESA legitimate allows you to enjoy the benefits of emotional support animals. The exercise is done through a certification process by a mental health professional. It can also be done online.

Benefits of ESA certification includes access to ‘no pets’ housing policy. However, you should ensure that your animal doesn’t cause a financial burden to the landlord.

Even better, it allows you to ride in an aircraft with your shelter dog ESA at no cost.

Select Your Emotional Support Dog

Once you get an ESA letter, the rest is easy. All you need is to decide the type of dog that suits your lifestyle and mental or emotional needs. It can be any puppy that meets these needs.

Train Your ESA Dog

ESA training is a vital process after choosing your pet. It ensures your dog behaves well in public.

Yes, ESA dog training isn’t mandatory. But a mannerly canine is readily acceptable than an unruly one.

Even better, you can offer the required training yourself. Doing so creates a meaningful bond between you and your pet.

At times, you cannot handle the training by yourself. Don’t worry! Instead, look for help and assistance from a local expert.

Where to Find ESA Dogs for Adoption

A shelter dog ESA is the best animal for emotional support and care. The animal is loyal and very loving allowing you to enjoy a quality life.

Adopting a rescue dog offers a fantastic healing process for both of you. It helps the dog lead a happy life while providing the emotional support you need.