How Pet Insurance Can Keep Your Cat Or Dog Healthier Than Ever

Animal care

Do you worry about the health of your pets? It’s understandable to be a little concerned about your cat or dog’s overall wellness, with seemingly thousands of different issues cropping up when you least expect it and sending everything into a tizzy. When you need a resource that can keep your pet healthy and your wallet secure, pet insurance is the way to go. Whether you’re caring for senior dogs or a new kitten you’ve brought into the house, pet health insurance plans go a long way in providing basic care and reducing stress in your day-to-day life. Which one is right for you? It all depends on your pet and their unique needs.

Basic Cat Health Tips

Americans love their cats! There are over 76 million cats across the country, making the United States the world reigning champion for most felines around. Some cat owners love cats’ peculiar sense of humor, sending their friends videos every day of the week and looking forward to a good laugh once they get off work. Others like the quiet companionship of a feline friend, allowing them to live peacefully at home with minimal upkeep. Although cats can live a remarkably long time, with some reaching 15 years of age, it’s important to pinpoint common health issues. Heartworm, gum disease and eating disorders are some of the most frequent issues your feline friend may face throughout their lifetime.

Basic Dog Health Tips

Own a dog? No problem! Pet insurance has them covered. Over 46 million American households have one dog, if not several, and the majority of them are either obtained through acquaintances or family members. While purebred dogs are rather popular for their genetic predisposition toward certain personality traits and iconic appearances, they also have a higher rate of genetic disorders than their mixed-breed counterparts. Dalmatians are known for developing blindness in their later years, German Shepards struggle with lower back problems and Pugs need to be kept clean to avoid skin diseases. Pet insurance can help with keeping your dog healthy over the years, offering various forms of coverage to keep your furry pal feeling good year-round.

Common Pitfalls To Avoid

Is your dog or cat spayed or neutered? If not then it’s time to see a veterinarian for a check-up. Although 84% of American cats are spayed or neutered, that still leaves many having excess litters and creating more strays in the country. Shelters and rescues struggle to this day with unwanted pets, meaning it’s a responsibility of pet owners to give their dog or cat the best start possible. The United States sees over $20 billion spent on pet food every year, to boot, making the pet insurance process an increasingly viable one for pet owners of all budgets and backgrounds.

Applying For Pet Insurance

Taking care of a pet is expensive. You don’t have to do it all alone, however! Pet insurance plans for dogs, particularly ones that are getting on in their years, are a fantastic resource. They allow you to give your pets the support they need, be it medication for heartworm or a large cut, while giving you peace-of-mind. However, not all insurance plans are the same. Make sure to double-check your particular form of pet insurance for coverage involving vaccinations or wellness plans, since add-ons may be required. Animal care is more than just staying aware. It’s stepping up to the plate and providing your best friend with the support they need to thrive.