Ensuring Your Customers Keep their Appointment Date

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Have you ever received a letter or a voicemail message stating that you missed your appointment? You quickly scan through your mind, trying to remember what type of appointment you had and if you really did make that appointment. If you made it, how come you did not remember it? Today, people get so overwhelmed and busy that appointments made can be forgotten. A lot of people are so busy with work tasks and family duties that other appointments easily get pushed out of the mind. The same goes for the many missed vet appointments every year. What are some ways that veterinary clinics can ensure that their customers remember their appointments?

39% of Americans have forgotten one basic piece of information or lost one everyday item in the past week. When people are provided with something to take with them, it may force them to remember when they get home. Too often, an appointment might be made and you may forget to put it into your cell phone for a daily reminder, or you may forget to pencil it into your calendar when you get home. A welcome card or a letter reminds people to do these things. Welcome cards provide customers with something to refer back to once they do remember the appointment.

63% of U.S. households own a pet. This is a huge potential customer base, if you can just get your clients to remember their appointments. One of the benefits of welcome cards is that it can also include an appointment reminder on the back of the card. Veterinary reminder cards generally provide a welcome type message on the front of the card. The front may also include information about the office; the contact information, the name and the hours of the office. Veterinary reminder cards are important! Since research shows that 39% of Americans have forgotten one basic piece of information or lost one everyday item in the past week. Veterinary reminder cards can help clients to remember.
Another way to ensure that your customers remember their appointments is with reminder postcards. It is still a good idea to provide customers with welcome cards when leaving the office. However, reminder postcards allow you to remind your customers closer to their appointment date and time. They should be sent out within a few days of their appointment, no more than a week. This gives them plenty of time to prepare and ensure they will make their appointment time.

In addition to welcome cards, there are other beneficial reminder tools available. Veterinary holiday cards are a great way to provide a holiday greeting to your customers, while also reminding them to make an appointment. This is a great way to increase business, by reminding them that it is time to come in for a check-up, rather than simply reminding them of an already existent appointment. This can also be a great way to gain repeat customers.

Welcome cards are a great marketing tool for veterinary clinics to ensure that their customers show up for their appointments. People are very busy in the world today and forget all types of things. A welcome card provides them with something concrete that will allow them to pencil it into their calendar when they have time to. It also provides them with something to look back onto if they forgot their appointment date and time.