Being a Responsible Dog Owner Takes Some Work, and it’s Worth It

Dog waste bags

Being a responsible dog owner means making a commitment to providing food, water, shelter, medical care, exercise and entertainment for your pets. That’s right, entertainment too. Dogs and cats are highly intelligent creatures, and get bored cooped up in a house or apartment all day while you’re at work. They need walks, engagement and games to keep them keen and healthy. There are also times when dogs need to be quiet as well, and equipment like dog crates and large dog kennels can be used for down time.

Exercise and training for your dog
It’s said that dogs have owners while cats have staff. While this certainly reflects the different attitudes of the two species, dog owners too have to put in a lot of hard work to keep their pets happy and healthy. Around 46.3 million households in the U.S. own dogs: that accounts for somewhere between 37 to 47% of all households in the country.
Fortunately for dog owners, all kinds of equipment is available to keep their pets well exercised. Dog training is a very important part of their lives as well. An untrained dog that does not follow commands can endanger itself and others around traffic or other animals and people. Crate furniture and large dog kennels are an important part of the training process, teaching dogs to obey commands and to respect down time.

Playgrounds and poop bags keep everybody happy
Responsible dog owners also need to make sure their pets get enough exercise and entertainment. Boredom can be almost as bad as neglect for dogs and cats. Many cities now have dog playgrounds with all kinds of features like dog obstacle course equipment to keep canines active and engaged. Playgrounds are a good place for dogs to meet other friends, both canine and human, and to run around safely off the leash. This can be especially important for large dog breeds.
Dogs need the most exercise when they are between one and a half and four years of age. In general, female dogs tend to be more active than males. An essential part of every walk is scooping poop. Many cities have fines for dog owners who neglect to pick up after their pets. Some fines can be as high as $750. It’s much simpler to just bring along a couple of poop bags and help in keeping the sidewalks clean.

When you bring home that little puppy with the floppy ears and big eyes, you’re making a big commitment. You’re taking on the responsibility for every aspect of your dog?s well being, for the next fifteen years or so. Necessary equipment like crates, leashes and large dog kennels help you to be a responsible dog owner. In return you will get a lifetime of unconditional love, friendship and happiness.